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Essenza Virtual Personal Assistant Virtual PA
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Essenza - Your Virtual Office

Essenza Virtual Personal Assistant Virtual PA

Essenza Virtual Personal Assistant Virtual PA
Essenza Virtual Personal Assistant Virtual PA

Essenza Virtual Personal Assistant Virtual PA


  • Call when you need ESSENZA to assist, and then get on with what you do best. We could help with regular work or on an ad-hoc basis.
  • With us there are no additional concerns, such as office space, a computer, phone line, training, etc. Your admin resources are already fully functional.

Cost Effective
  • When you use ESSENZA, you don’t have extra costs such as sick pay, NI, holiday pay, maternity cover, and other overheads. You only pay for the time you use our services.
  • Having staff arrange their own travel can be expensive, late bookings, cancellations and the time spent on this activity is not valuable. Allow ESSENZA to take on the burden and save time and money.

  • It’s always important to ESSENZA that you are satisfied with the standard of the work you receive. It’s important to us to keep our good reputation. We will only keep our reputation and expand our business if we keep you happy.
  • ESSENZA will take the time to understand your business and become part of your team.
    Rather than going through a number of potential temps, we offer continuity of service.

  • You will benefit from the many years of ESSENZA’s director level PA experience (see About ESSENZA). Treat yourself to a professional and high quality service that will do credit to your business - See Essenza About Section


Essenza - VA Mastery Course Graduate

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